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Interim Bouwconsult bv is an independent consulting engineering firm, specialized in construction project management and consultancy work, with an emphasis on controlling and monitoring the construction process from initiative to management phase.


Project management

Project management is mainly aimed at guiding, advising and checking the entire construction process, including checks during implementation and delivery. 

Due Diligence

Due diligence is the structural and installation technical inspection of a building before buying or selling

Hand over inspections

At the end of the construction period, the project will have to be handed over to the client.

Measurement certificates

Measurement certificates  are manufactured by our office in accordance with NEN 2580:2007 and reports in accordance with NTA2581:2012.  

Architectural advice

Architectural advice can be given during the design and implementation with regard to the use of materials, principle-detailing, etc

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Construction Cost Control

In the initiation phase, a budget estimate will have to determine the feasibility of a preliminary design or study. The outcome of this is often decisive for the decision-making process to continue a project to the next phase. 

Fire safety

In the context of the current regulations, every building in the Netherlands must meet fire safety requirements.

Architectural drawing

Our office can provide further elaboration of a design into building permit drawings, construction preparation and/or detailed drawings. 

Installation advice

The climate control system in a building must ensure that people can do their work in a pleasant environment

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Project planning

In view of the considerable costs involved in a construction project, good coordination and systematic work are of great importance in order to realize a project with the required quality within the shortest possible time.

Safety and Health

Safety should be a high priority during the construction process from design to implementation and even afterwards during maintenance.

Building physics

Building physics is a discipline in architecture in which research is carried out in and into the physical processes in building materials and building elements.





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