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Construction Cost Control

Construction Cost Control  is an essential aspect within the entire construction process from initiation to completion. 

In the initiation phase, a budget estimate will have to determine the feasibility of a preliminary design or study. The outcome of this is often decisive for the decision-making process to continue a project to the next phase. 

If in the initiation phase, m² or m³ prices are often calculated, an element budget can already be prepared in the final design phase. After the specifications and the specifications drawings are ready, a management budget can then be made in order to provide insight into the expected contractor's offer(s). A thorough review of a contractor's bid budget can reveal potential flaws in the project cost and aid in finding alternatives and/or cutbacks to get within budget. 

Finally, in the implementation phase, it is advisable to check the additional and less work budgets before the contract is given to the contractor.

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