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fire safety

Under current regulations, every building in the Netherlands must meet fire safety requirements. Fire safety is a complex issue and the requirements have become increasingly higher in recent years and therefore require specific expertise.  

We are specialized in giving advice in the field of fire safety. Both the assessment and advice of a design and the inspection with regard to fire safety. We can also take care of the production of evacuation plans.


We prefer to be involved as quickly as possible for assessing and advising on a design with regard to fire safety, in order to identify any bottlenecks at an early stage. At the time of construction or renovation, we can carry out inspections to check safety with regard to the requirements.  


According to the Buildings Decree, for the fire-safe use of a structure, in a number of cases it is mandatory to submit a occupancy notification or to apply for a occupancy permit, this applies to both new construction and existing buildings (especially when the fire compartmentation has been adjusted). The obligations with regard to fire safety depend on the function and users of the building.


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