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Architectural drawing

Architectural drawing  is one of the areas in which our office can provide support on various facets. 

Our office can provide further elaboration of a design into building permit drawings, construction preparation and/or detailed drawings. 

During renovations, maintenance and management of existing buildings, there are often still 'hand-made' drawings available, mainly produced by different firms that used different drawing methods, scales, etc. If, in the course of time, various renovations and adjustments have also taken place, there is a great risk that the design will be produced on the basis of incorrect starting points. The investment in making an inventory of the drawings and transferring them in an automated manner will then prove valuable in the construction preparation process. 

If an apartment complex is divided into independent units, a so-called division drawing must be attached to the division deed. This drawing can be produced by us according to the requirements laid down by the Land Registry.

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